1 Piece-3 Styles! How to wear your Favorite pair of Jeans from Day to Night!

Many times a piece of clothing becomes our favorite and this usually happens with our jeans. We have our beloved pair of jeans and we want to wear it all the time, all day long. So today I am going to show you three ways to style favorite jeans from day to night, from work to fun!!!

My pair of jeans is a skinny medium waisted one. I like skinny trousers because they make my body look slim and they flatter it. I think that this type of trousers is suitable for my body-type, so I mostly wear skinny ones. And this is an advice for you too: whatever trousers you wear, either jeans or others, always pick a style that flatters your body!! I also prefer medium waisted because I don’t like high waisted and the very low waisted ones are not suitable for work.

The styles I am going to show you are also suitable not only for skinny jeans but also for straight and boyfriend ones. You can also put your light distressed ones on, but be very careful!! Only light distressed not heavy distressed because these are not suitable for work.

1) Going to work style

helena in blue jean red heels black jacket 1Styling your pair of jeans with a white shirt or t-shirt and a blazer is the easiest and most practical way. Your blazer can be classical black or another color but not multicolor! Instead of a blazer you can also wear an elegant blouse. The key to this outfit is that you must wear high heeled pumps with your jeans. They make your legs look longer and they make your look very professional. If you choose a black blazer, then you can also put some colored pumps on, red, yellow, bright blue or green ones and add a touch of youth at your professional style.

helena in red heels black jacket jeansI styled my jeans with a black blazer, a white polo shirt, a black purse and a pair of red pumps!

2) Afternoon style

helena in jeans outdoors 2When you return home, take off the blazer and the pumps and put a sweater and your sneakers on and you have a cosy and relaxed style for an unexpected visit at home or for a walk in the park! You must also change your purse. Go for a shoulder bag or for a backpack instead! I put on a light blue sweater, a pair of black sneakers and a black shoulder bag!

helena in jeans outdoors

3) Going out style

helena in blue jeans black top and jacket 2And it’s time for your night out. Just put a luxury top or a statement t-shirt and your biker jacket on and off you go! Simple as that! The choice of shoes is up to your mood: ankle booties, pumps, biker boots as long as they are black! Take your clutch with you and you are ready to go! I chose a statement t-shirt and my pumps!

helena in blue jeans black top and jacket

As you see they are all very easy combinations, with clothing that we already have in our closet! Styling them the right way we can be well and elegantly dressed, day to night without taking our beloved jeans off!!!!


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