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5 Pieces of Advice on How to Wear Leggings the Right Way

helena in grey leggings white topLeggings are very popular among women of every age and body type during the last years. We prefer them for being very comfortable BUT are we wearing them the right way??? Many women don’t and instead of being admired, they are being laughed at! So today I am going to give you some advice on how to wear and style them correctly and elegantly!

1) Leggings are not pants or trousers

Basically this is not an advice but a RULE. Every fashion stylist and fashion editor keeps saying the same thing again and again! Opaque as they may be, we have to think of leggings as a warmer alternative to tights instead of a more stretchy alternative to trousers.helena in black leggings white shirt black jacket

2) Go for leggings made of luxury fabric

Leave the lycra ones for the gym! If you want a pair of leggings for an everyday use or for a night out go for a leather or leather-like or suede one. Make sure that they are not too thin and they look more like thin leather trousers than athletic wear.helena in grey leggings

3) Go for one-color leggings only

Colorful leggings are strictly for the gym. Don’t wear them to go out for a walk. Stopping by for a quick cup of coffee before or after the gym is the only exception to the rule! Crazy color lycra leggings are strictly for teenagers and not for women over 25! Until now I have never mentioned age as a factor of style. I think that women of all ages can be in fashion and can be dressed by the latest trends if they are able to do it correctly. Many of the styling tips I have given you so far in my blog are age-limited according to stylists I read and consult. I don’t go for age limitations, as I said. The only exception is that rule about that kind of leggings.

So we buy leggings in black, dark blue, in all shades of gray (preferably the darker ones), brown, tobacco and very rarely in white or cream (these colors are see through).helena in black leggings blue black top black jacket

4) Always style them with long line tops

Unless you are going to the gym, you should never wear your leggings with a tight t-shirt or a crop top or a cropped sweater or anything that does not cover your butt, no matter how skinny you are!

You can wear long sheer blouses or shirts, in one color or patterned. During the day prefer light colors and go for darker colors or animal prints for a night out. You can also wear a long over-sized sweater for a cozy casual layering. We never wear a t-shirt with our leggings since it makes us look like we are heading for the gym or that we didn’t have enough time to dress elegantly!

Over your blouse or shirt go for a long asymmetric cardigan or a long-line blazer. If you are wearing a sweater you can add your jacket or your coat!helena in black leggings black top black jacket

5) Never wear leggings with pumps

There are so many alternatives to look elegant and attractive! We must stay away from high heel pumps!

Things are quite simple when it comes to shoes.

Colorful gym leggings go with trainers. Crazy color lycra leggings go with sneakers like all star and stan smith (this advice is only for my very young friends).

For an everyday outfit you can style your leggings with oxford shoes, loafers, flats, biker boots, ugg boots and ankle booties in every heel height. For a night out, style your leggings either with high heeled ankle booties or with a sexy thigh high pair of boots.

I hope that you will find my pieces of advice useful. In the photos I show you some of the styles I talk about. You are free to try them or create your own following my tips!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving cardHappy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!!!! Enjoy the holiday with your family, your friends and the people you love! And don’t forget!! Tomorrow is Black Friday so have a look at my posts for inspiration before you go shopping! And the online sales have already started!!!

With love



Photo by Valerie Everett, license CC-BY-SA

Helena’s Boudoir Presents Penny Sabbado’s Creations

penny sabbado logoA couple of days ago I visited the boutique of my friend Penny Sabbado, a young and very talented Greek fashion designer at 50 Mitropoleos Str in Thessaloniki, Greece, one of my favorite shopping points!

penny sabbado shop interiorIt’s a very modern and luxurious shop that equals the boutiques of London and of New York and in the last years is a fashion hot spot for the modern Greek women. There you can find exclusively the creations of Penny Sabbado, who studied in Saint Martins College in London and is now one of the most talented Greek Fashion Designers!!chandelier

Her collections consist of clothes for every moment of the day, elegant outfits for work, evening wear and occasion wear, especially designed for women who want to make an impression and attract the attention with their personal style! Each design is unique and special, is produced in a small number of pieces which you can only find in her boutique.

We are in the middle of November and the whole Autumn-Winter 2015-16 Collection is here!!!!! I chose to show you some of its most representative clothes and I hope you like my choices!penny sabbado shop interior

Firstly I wore a light gray straight mini dress with a pattern of white flowers. Grey is one of this seasons basic colors in all its shades. An everyday dress, feminine and very easy to wear in the office or for going out, styled with either with pumps or with ankle boots or with thigh high boots. You can make a totally different style every time you change the shoe type!helena in flower patterned dress by penny sabbado

By adding Penny Sabbado’s elegant gray coat and pumps you have the perfect outfit for going to the office or to the theater or for dinner. By adding a black leather biker jacket and a pair of high heeled thigh high boots you have the ultimate rock outfit!helena in dress and grey coat by penny sabbado

Then I put on a short skater skirt in dark grey with touches of other colours with a light pink wrap front blouse. A girly set for a special everyday outfit! And do not forget. You can style skater skirt ideally with pumps or ankle booties!helena in white shirt and grey skirt by penny sabbado

Next in line is a black and white checked dress with a pleated bust and a pleated skirt. The check of the fabric is small and the dress is simple and feminine but also unique. You can style it with pumps, with ankle boots or with thigh high boots as well and you can dd your coat or a biker jacker, preferably in black. Personally I can imagine wearing it with red accessories as well….for a day to night look!!!!helena in chequred dress by penny sabbado

Then I wore an set that consists of a white culotte, a black wrap front sleeveless shirt and a short black and white jacket with a pattern of hearts. A culotte is this season’s must have trousers. It is a very modern every day outfit which will make all eyes look at you! Instead of pumps, you can style the culotte with knee high boots, a combination that is considered a major trend according to all fashion magazines and I admit I like it too!!! A lot!helena in white and black by penny sabbado

I continued by putting on clothes for a formal occasion or for going out.

First a high waisted black pencil skirt in a fur and leather fabric with a bright red short sleeved crop top! An outfit for women with style and personality! A black pencil skirt is a must have of every woman’s closet and when it is made of such luxurious materials as this one, then it is something special. The top’s color, that bright red matches all women’s hair and complexion colours!helena in red and black by penny sabbado

Then I wore a jumpsuit in the same bright red with a ¾ sleeve and wide leg. An impressive piece of clothing for every attractive woman!helena in red overalls by penny sabbado

Next I put on a short black with a tie die fringed hemline. A girly dress that reminds us of another era. Fringes are also one of this season’s trends and Penny Sabbado’s collection has it all!helena in blue black dress by penny sabbado

A totally fringed mini dress in all shades of gray! Gray and fringes, two of the season’s major trends in one evening dress! Add a pair of black pumps or stripped sandals! Absolutely impressive!helena in blue grey dress by penny sabbado

As impressive I would also describe the next dress, a blue bodycon mini one with a special double fabric design on one side. Very feminine and very elegant. And in a perfect color!!helena in blue dress by penny sabbado

And my final choice, a sexy black cord strapped prom dress with a vinyl top and stripped skirt. A very sexy little black dress (LBD) and be ready to attract all the attention!!helena in black vinyl top by penny sabbado

I hope you liked my choices, which are only a part of Penny Sabbado’s AW 2015-16 Collection. If you are interested in purchasing a design feel free to contact the boutique either by phone by calling +30 231 023 1717 or by sending a message to their facebook page or by email at info [at] pennysabbado.grpenny sabbado shop window

And if you visit the shop in person maybe you can be lucky enough to meet the designer herself!!helena and penny