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Helena’s Shades of Grey – Groutfit Ideas by Helena’s Boudoir

grey outfit sunny day

The term “groutfit” comes from the combination of the words grey and outfit. A groutfit is two or more pieces of clothing and accessories in different shades of grey, worn together.

helena in grey outfit in park

What previously was a styling failure now is a major fashion trend! Supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid together with the ultra stylish Duchess of Cambridge have given groutfits a completely new meaning and have made them a top trend for the cold winter days!

helena in grey dress

Today I am going to show you a series of groutfits for you to be inspired and follow the trend successfully and with style!

casual grey outfit

Gray dresses with furs or coats, grey shoes and bags, grey leopard items with a touch of black in jackets and accessories, they are all here for you to create your own groutfits!

grey outfit in woods

Personally I like wearing different shades of grey, light together with dark. That does not mean that you can’t wear items of the same shade if you like. And if you do not have grey shoes and bags, just style your outfits with black ones!!!

grey outfit in the street

I really hope you like my groutfits!!!!