2+1 New Ways to Wear Denim on Denim

helena in jeans outfit 7During the last years there were many changes in the definition of style and of what we consider as fashionable. What was once unfashionable is now considered trendy, polished and stylish, with the trend Denim on Denim being among them.

Wearing denim has everything to do with our spring looks so today I am going to show you three ways to rock this trend and look elegant, stylish and fashionable.

1.Feminine and Sexy

A tight dark jeans mini skirt with a light blue jeans shirt. It is important that the skirt is much darker than the shirt, so there would be a noticeable contrast. The skirt could also be buttoned up or midi and you can add a tiny belt to it.

helena in jeans outfit 2The most important thing about this outfit are the shoes. High heel nude sandals or pumps make the difference! High heels make us look sexier and more attractive while nude makes our legs look longer and us look a lot taller.

Add a colourful purse and we are ready either for work or for going out for coffee or drinks.

It is a very easy outfit which helps us be stylish, well-dressed and above all stylish all day long.

2. Casual and trendy

Medium dark skinny jeans with a light blue jeans shirt. They are both washed and the pair of trousers is a little distressed. The outfit is completed with black flats, a black tiny belt and a black bag. You can also style with black sneakers.

helena in jeans outfit 11I insist on black accessories because there are many different shades of jeans in the whole outfit so adding more tense accessories would make it look “too much”.

It is a young and fresh combination that is suitable for going out with friends casually.

3. Classic

For those of you that do not like wearing different shades of jeans there is this third way to rock the trend. A pair of jeans with a jeans shirt of as the same colour as possible. This same shade thing is necessary for this outfit!!

helena in jeans outfit 13It is a classic combination that many stylists recommend to older women who want to wear denim on denim. But that does not mean that we younger women cannot wear it or that it makes us look older. On the contrary. It gives the impression that we are wearing a jeans jumpsuit and that gives a real boost to our looks.

Here we are free to play with the accessories. Older women would add black or dark blue accessories. We, younger ones, can add colourful and bright accessories. I styled it with baby blue pumps, belt and purse but you can wear it with yellow, red, white or bright pink ones as well and make a difference.


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