3+1 Ideas for Spring Nails

A stylish woman pays attention not only to her clothes and the way she dresses but also to her hair and nails. So today I am going to show you 4 ways to do your nails for spring.

This season not only bright colors but also pastels are in fashion, decorated with designs. I personally prefer simple colors with discreet designs and I do not like a lot of decoration on my nails such as pearls or other stuff. But if you like heavy decorated nails, you are free to have them.

So have a look at my nails, be inspired and make your next manicure appointment!

1) Pastel with a flower designerhelena nail art

2) Pink with black designshelena nail art

3)Cherry with marble effecthelena nail art

4) Pink pastel with red glitter and golden detailshelena nail art

Nail art from Beauté Fatale!


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