6 Pieces of Advice to take your outfit from Day to Night

helena in floral desigual dressHow many times didn’t we have to go from work straight to dinner or for drinks? And we didn’t have time to stop by our house first? What do we do? We can’t go to work in a night out outfit and vice or vice versa! Today I am going to give you some advice on how to turn your office look into a night look with easy steps.

1)Change your bag

Change your big day bag with a small purse or a clutch! It totally changes your outfit!

2)Go for a more tense makeup

Even if you don’t change a thing in your total outfit, you must change your makeup. Refresh your foundation and your blush! Use eyeliner to create a tense cat eye, use some dark eyeshadow and finish with a lot of mascara. Put some red lipstick on and you are ready!

helena in floral desigual dress white jacket next to car3)Change your shoes

If you can’t wear your high heels all day long, then take them with you and replace your flats or your low heels with high heels before you leave the office!

4)Change your hair

If your hair is not done beforehand, use some dry shampoo or some hairspray to change your hair and refresh it. Give it some volume or create a ponytail. In a few minutes you are going to look totally different.

5)Your blazer

If it is hot, your shoulders are bare and you have to wear a blazer in the office (see my article on what to avoid wearing in the office) then leave your blazer behind. If it’s chilly then take it with you and wear it in as a loose way as possible.

helena in floral desigual dress white jacket next to car6)Your jewelery

Replace either your necklace or your earrings with bigger and more impressive ones. But not both! It’s too much!

I chose a Desigual dress, dark blue with big flowers. It is classy for the office and elegant and girly for a night out. I styled it with white accessories since white is the only colour that makes an impression on this dress.

Having my hair done beforehand and not having an issue with wearing high heels all day, I simply refreshed my makeup, changed my day bag for a clutch and left my blazer behind! And I’m ready!!!

helena in floral desigual dress


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