15+1 Secrets of Stylish Women

Close up in Helena's trendy sunglasses and hat

Many times we observe women walking down the street which are always well and elegantly dressed and we admire their style. A lot of them are even mothers with small children! And we wonder: How do they do it???

Well, the answer is very simple: they have little tiny secrets and rules about the way they are dressed and these secrets I am going to unveil to you today!

1) They have a very well organized closet. All their clothes and accessories are organized by genre and by colour.

2) They choose the day’s outfit the night before. Some of them plan the whole week’s outfits from the previous weekend.

3) They check the weather on a daily basis so as to be adequately prepared.

4) They have established their personal style. They do not follow every new fashion trend blindly. They choose all time classic pieces of clothing and they adjust the fashion trends to themselves and not the opposite.

Helena in grey blouse and skirt with pattern

5) They take good care of their clothes. They make sure that their outfits are always well ironed, fresh and clean.

6) They make sure their clothes fit them very well and flatter their body. They are dressed according to their body type and they know how to hide their defaults.

7) They always wear the right underwear so as to avoid visible panty lines or visible bras.

8) They combine designer clothing with cheaper pieces but they never wear many different recognizable brands on them. For example they never wear a Louis Vuitton bag, with an Hermes belt, with Louboutin shoes and a Burberry scarf. That’s too much!!!!

Helena in pink coat under a blossomed tree

9) They do not buy things impulsively. They buy clothes baring in mind all the possible combinations with the pieces they already have in their closet.

10) They always wear the right accessories but they do not overdo it. A stylish woman NEVER goes out with too many accessories on!

11) They get up early in the morning in order to have the necessary time to get ready. If they have children they get up ever earlier. Less sleep is a small sacrifice in the line of elegance!

12) They know how to dress for every time of the day and for every occasion. A stylish woman in never overdressed and never under-dressed.

Helena in black and gold dress and top

13) They are very frequent customers in the hairdresser’s and in the beauty salons.

14) They have the right clothes for every season and they do not mix them. They never wear a summer piece of clothing in the winter or vice versa.

15) They never go out in public without at least a little make up on. They take care of the way they are dressed even when they go to the supermarket. A stylish woman never goes to the supermarket in sweatpants and trainers, these are for the gym!!!

16) They never wear clothes that do not make them feel comfortable and self confident!!!

Helena in black trendy shirt

All these secrets are a way of life for stylish women. They follow them in their everyday life without stress and without thinking about them. They come naturally and all these rules and secrets combined give the result we see and admire.

So it is not hard to do it if you know the way! Let’s follow their example!!! We can!!!!


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