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Happy Thanksgiving!

vintage thanksgiving greetings cardI wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! Enjoy this holiday with the people you love, your family and your friends! Travel safely and take advantage of the sales to do some early Christmas shopping! Tomorrow is Black Friday and Cyber Monday is on its way. On line sales have already started! Take a look at my posts, be inspired and go for it!

With love

Photo Vintage Thanksgiving Day Postcard by Dave, license CC-BY-ND

New York Fashion Week February 2016 – Full Report!

new york panormaic view

Time goes by really quick and it is again fashion week time!!! February is a fashion week month and New York led the way! New York fashion week started on February 10th and lasted until February 18th 2016. During NYFW we saw all the new collections and fashion trends for AW2016-17! Let’s not forget that fashion is always almost a year forward! Continue reading


Outfit Ideas based on the New Autumn Trends

floral skirt red blouse brown jacketAutumn in here and we are beginning to feel the touch of winter. The shops are full of heavier clothes and new trends, but living in Greece with its sunny weather and high temperatures does not inspire us to wear winter clothing. I personally do not feel like wearing the dark colors of winter. I want brighter ones. So today I am going to show you how to style the new colors and patterns of the season and none of them is black, yet….

I have 8 pieces of clothing that can be styled with each other, creating a lot of combinations. Their basic colors are burgundy, cream, camel and floral!

Burgundy is the new black, as they say. It made its appearance last year, but now it is a must have and it is here to stay! Camel is also a standard winter color during the last years together with cream. The floral trend continues to dominate this season as it did the previous one! All these colors match with each other and I chose the florals to match with the others too!

white shirt floral shirtSo I have here two shirts,a cream one and a light floral patterned in cream background one. The cream one goes with everything and is less strict than a white one. The floral shirt can be worn with a skirt or trousers in any of its colors. The pattern is small and discreet. I like that in florals, as I have written in a previous post, and I prefer them that way.

brown trousers brown skirtThen I have a skinny burgundy pair of trousers and an A line camel mini skirt with buttons on front. You do not have to wear a skinny trousers if you do not like it. I prefer that design, but you have to choose a design that fits with your body type. The front buttoned A line skirt is also one of this season’s must haves and we find it in jeans and other fabrics.

floral skirt red blouseA floral mini skirt, with patterns on a burgundy background and a burgundy light sweater with a V neck come next!

brown jacket burgundy coloured purseAnd finally a camel leather short jacket and a burgundy purse.

As I said there are a lot of combinations!

brown trousers floral shirtYou can style the floral shirt with either the trousers or the camel skirt, since its pattern contains both colors. I do not style it with the floral skirt, although combining different patterns is considered a trend and we see it in many magazines. I do not like it so I do not style it that way. From every season’s trends I keep the ones that suit me the most and I leave the others out. brown skirt floral shirt

 If it gets chillier we can add the sweater over the shirt. The V neck allows a part of the shirt to be seen and one thinks that it is one piece and not two!brown trousers red blouse brown jacket

The cream shirt goes with everything, both the skirts and the trousers!brown skirt white shirt brown jacket floral skirt white shirt brown jacket

I style the floral skirt with either the cream shirt or the burgundy sweater or both!floral skirt red blouse brown jacket

And I wear the short jacket and the burgundy purse with all outfits!brown trousers floral shirt brown jacket

So with a few pieces we can have a lot of different styles as long as when we go shopping and we find something we bear in mind all the possible combinations and styles we can have with the new pieces and with pieces we already have in our closet. brown skirt floral shirt brown jacket

It is necessary to own a big number of pieces of clothing. I showed you combinations with 8 pieces but you can also style 5 or 6! It is the way we style our clothes and not the number of them that is important. We also focus on the colors and not the type of clothing. You can style a burgundy skirt and a camel trousers, or only skirts or only trousers instead. It depends on what you preferably wear!

So by making smart and careful buys and by combining older with new clothes we can have a variety in the way we dress, we can adopt each season’s new trends and we can be well dressed, elegant and stylish on everyday basis!!!