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10 New Year Eve’s Party Dresses by Helena’s Boudoir

long red dressNew year is on the way and we all have a party to go to, either at home or somewhere else! So today I am going to show you, as I have promised, 10 party dresses for NYE to chose from! You can also view my previous article on holiday outfits to get additional ideas!

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Helena’s Boudoir meets Jo Nesbo

nesbo in megaron athensOn Friday 18th September the Norwegian writer Jo Nesbo came to Athens in Greece. He appeared in the Athens Concert Hall “Megaron” in an event organized by his Greek publisher, the Norwegian Institute and Megaron Plus under the auspices of the Norwegian embassy in Athens.

Jo Nesbo is Norway’s most successful crime novelist and is considered the king of the Scandinavian crime literature. His books have sold more than 25.000.000 copies and they are published in more than 40 countries.

helena foyer bookI attended this event as well, having won an invitation through a facebook giveaway.

helena red dress stairs bookMy love for books equals my love for fashion as the size of my bookcases competes with the size of my closets!!! Who says that a bookworm girl can not be stylish, elegant and sexy??? Who says that a fashion loving girl only reads the fashion magazines?? It is considered very stylish nowadays to read a book while commuting, isn’t it??

So I was there with the other nesbomaniacs, as Nesbo’s fans are called.

helena red dress nesbo bookFor this special event I chose to wear a red dress by the Greek firm DAY-Billy Sabbado. It was not a random choice. On the contrary: the colour of the dress matched perfectly with the colour of Nesbo’s newest book, which was published just the day before! I styled it with white accessories that matched with its white-golden details!

full house for jo nesboThe hall was full. Almost 2.000 people from all over Greece came to see their favourite writer, who won us from the beginning with his simplicity and spontaneity. Dressed with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, which showed his muscular body, he looked like a teenager (and he is 55).

jo nesbo close upHe talked with a nesbomaniac journalist and then he answered the questions of his fans with humor and frankness. Afterwards he signed his fans’ books, which formed a very long line and waited patiently.

nesbo signing bookPlease forgive the poor quality of some of my photos but they are all mine as I did not want to borrow a photo from a news site.

jo nesbo signatureHe did not sign my red book, because he only signed one book per person and I chose to give him one of his children books I also had with me and belonged to a little fan.