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10 New Year Eve’s Party Dresses by Helena’s Boudoir

long red dressNew year is on the way and we all have a party to go to, either at home or somewhere else! So today I am going to show you, as I have promised, 10 party dresses for NYE to chose from! You can also view my previous article on holiday outfits to get additional ideas!

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Unexpected Win!

Scrolling down our facebook wall we often see giveaways. Taking part in those is quite simple, we just follow some steps and we wait..

doroklirosi1Many of my friends say that they do not trust these giveaways, making a lot of negative comments. Personally I only have one thing to say: during all those years I have a presence in facebook I have won many things and I have always received the gifts without any problem.

doroklirosi2So I am writing this post to you because of a dress I won a couple of days ago in one of these giveaways held by Andreadelli Fashion House. To tell you the truth I was thrilled because it was the first time I won a dress (all the others being books, shoes and lingerie).

I was sent a message through Facebook (always check the “others” category in the messages) and they sent me the dress by courier the next day. The shop owner was kind enough to call me in person to make sure I received it and it fitted well!

So the least I could do was to dedicate this post to this beautiful romantic dress and to Andreadelli Fashion House.

doroklirosi4It is a strapless dress with elasticated top by the Greek firm Desiree that fits all women body types with splits at its sides which make it very sexy and feminine. It has got separate long sleeves, providing two ways of wearing it, without the sleeves in the summer or with them when the weather gets chillier. It is a day to night dress.

dorklirosi7I styled it with my white Nine West wedges and my white hobo Guess bag and I wore it both ways. I hope you like it!

Thanks a lot Andreadelli Fashion House!!!!!!