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3+1 Ideas for Spring Nails

A stylish woman pays attention not only to her clothes and the way she dresses but also to her hair and nails. So today I am going to show you 4 ways to do your nails for spring.

This season not only bright colors but also pastels are in fashion, decorated with designs. I personally prefer simple colors with discreet designs and I do not like a lot of decoration on my nails such as pearls or other stuff. But if you like heavy decorated nails, you are free to have them.

So have a look at my nails, be inspired and make your next manicure appointment!

1) Pastel with a flower designerhelena nail art

2) Pink with black designshelena nail art

3)Cherry with marble effecthelena nail art

4) Pink pastel with red glitter and golden detailshelena nail art

Nail art from Beauté Fatale!


Beauty Guide for the Winter and the Holidays

helena with make upDecember is already here and with less than 20 days remaining for Christmas I think it’s about time for a change in our appearance, that is our hair and nails! A change of hairstyle or hair-color or both makes us feel more refreshed and feminine and it definitely does wonders to our psychology. Moreover an inspired manicure makes our hands look more elegant and beautiful.

So I decided to dedicate this post to beauty!!! When someone takes a look at us, he or she does not only look at our outfits but also at our hair and our hands. It is no use being dressed in designer and expensive clothes of our hair are not styled properly and our nails are all eaten up….

helena in mirror impressive hairstyleLet’s start with the hair. All hair lengths are in fashion either short or medium or very long, with layers, bangs or braids. Keep in mind that bangs are very “in” and they make us look a lot younger.

Elle and Cosmopolitan suggest some very interesting trendy hairstyles, so have a look and be inspired!helena long hair

Choosing a hair-color is another issue for many women. I am sure that many of you change you hair-color regularly. This winter all colors are fashionable with an emphasis on soft earth colors like brown, auburn and red. But we also see more extreme hair-colors like pink, purple or light blue highlights!

Elle suggests some new hair colors for the winter and Marie Claire insists on auburn shades.

If you dare trying something extreme have a look at what Redbook and Fashionisers suggest!helena's hairstyle

After selecting a haircut and a hair-color you only have to choose an elegant hairstyle for your going out during the holiday season.

Harper’s Bazaar has some very useful ideas about your holiday hair styling and I think it’s about time to pay a visit at your hairdresser’s.

Nails are next!! For an every day manicure Marie Claire presents the best nail colours for the winter.helena nail art

For those of you who want something out of the ordinary I would suggest the three-dimensional sweater nail art as shown by Popsugar.

For a manicure for the holidays have a look at what Glamour suggests.

As for your holiday makeup Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen present very interesting and beautiful options. Have a look and choose what you like best!!!

I hope that you find my selections helpful enough… And it’s about time to make your next appointment at the hairdresser’s and at the beauty salon!!!

I want you all look amazing and stunning for the holidays!!!!!!helena face