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Helena’s Boudoir Presents the 10 Best Shoes of the Season

So far I have showed you clothes and outfits based on the new autumn – winter trends. I think it’s about time to show you shoes as well, since winter is already here, holidays are near and we women never seem to have enough shoes!!!! Am I right or not???

I saw many pairs of shoes, I liked most of them but I decided to select 10 of them to present to you. Among them are flats and heels, casual and formal, shoes for every occasion and every taste. I left the pumps out because they are classic and we already have plenty of them.

1) Slippers

Flat and comfortable, you can style them not only with any type of trousers and leggings but also with skirts, mini or casual maxi.black sleepers

2) Flat Oxfords

An elegant casual pair of shoes, which you can style the same way as the slippers. So if you do not like the slippers, go for a pair of oxfords!oxford sleepers in black and maroon

3) Biker Boots

A must have for your casual outfits! They go with everything even with mini elegant dresses for a touch of rock on your outfit!ankle boots

4)Wedged Booties

For those of you who do not like flats but want a pair of casual shoes that are not too formal. The wedge makes them very comfortable and you feel more confident with the extra height….Wedged Boots

5) Fringed Ankle Boots

High heels, ankle boots and fringes….. Definitely a must have, since fringes are a major trend this season. Stylish and elegant!Fringed ankle booties

6) Booties with a special design

It’s not a classic bootie and it’s not a classic pump, so if you want something out of the ordinary, here is your perfect choice!black high heels

7) Knee High Fringed Boots

Whether high heeled or flats, they are elegant, trendy and easy to match with every outfit. If you choose high heels, you can wear them for a night out as well!Fringed boots

8) Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are here to stay. We saw them last year and this year is the season’s major trend and a must have. Flats, medium or high heeled, do not be afraid of them…. I intend to write a post on how to style them…… Soon…Helena in thigh highs

9) T-Bar Pumps

Feet look so elegant with t-bars! Especially our ankles! Very feminine… Why don’t you try a burgundy pair of them?? helena in burgundy heels

10) Lace Up Heels

Lace up shoes are also a trend this season. Personally I do not like the flat ones, but this pair is fantastic. And the red is perfect for your holiday outfits!!!helena in red heels

I hope that I was helpful enough… As I said, choosing only ten was really hard!


Sneakers are here to stay!



Sneakers is a term used for footwear originally designed for sports and physical exercise which are made of canvas or leather with a rubber sole. They have also been used for everyday casual activities. They have come in the spotlight during the last two years as we see them continually in the runways of the international fashion weeks.

We can find sneakers in many colours and designs, in canvas or leather, with a rubber sole, with an aerosole or wedged, decorated with luxurious fabrics, covered with the logos of well known designers and in a wide range of prices.

We wear them not only in the gym but also whenever we want to feel free and comfortable. We can style them with a jeans overall and a man’s shirt, with a pair of distressed jeans and a t-shirt or with a mini or knee-length skirt and look casual, modern and stylish.

But beware!!! Not all sneakers’ types look stylish with whatever sort of jeans. You have to be very careful so as to avoid making a mistake in your style. Additionally, a jean skirt goes with sneakers like all-stars or stan smith. Never wear it with aerosole ones!!!. I saw it styled like that and I completely freaked out! Never wear them in the office unless you work in a gym! And never wear your sneakers with an evening dress! We are not Christen Stewart!

So go for the sneakers of your dreams, even for a designer pair of ones. Take advantage of the occasional sales to buy them in lower prices. They are an investment because as I said: Sneakers are here to stay!!!

Photo by Magnus D – CC