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10 Tips to Shopping during Sales

20150817_182513Sales are under way so I decided to give you some useful tips on how to make the most of them!

1) Make a list

Before hitting the stores or the web we should make a list of what we really need to buy in order to avoid spending on useless things!

2) Shop on a budget

Yes we have to!!! Always shop on a budget and be very careful on how much you charge your credit cards!

3) Do research

Before going to the stores or buying anything on line, you must do some research, compare the prices and look for the best bargain!

4) Don’t get too carried away by ‘… up to 70%’

Although a high sales percentage is very tempting, be careful girls and don’t get too carried away. Do not buy stuff you don’t need just because they are very very cheap. That’s why a list is necessary

(see tip no 1).

5) Always buy your size

Yeap…. Do not buy clothes a size smaller, having in mind to lose weight to fit in it!! 99% it never happens!! Try a smaller size after you have lost weight! Similar rule with the shoes. Never buy shoes that are very tight thinking they are going to get wider. That also almost never happens!!20150822_123117

6) Invest on high quality products

Take advantage of the sales to purchase a high quality piece of clothing to wear next summer as well! That my friends is an investment. You can also buy a pair of quality leather pumps or sandals and some high quality lingerie!!!

7) Buy designer pieces

If you can afford them (see tip no 2) now is your chance to buy some designer clothes or accessories. Be careful to purchase them in the designers’ boutiques to avoid fakes!

8) Check for flaws

Always make a thorough search for flaws before paying! If you find any flaw and they don’t have another piece in your size, just don’t buy it!

9) Avoid buying clothes for next summer for your kids

Kids grow remarkably quickly and most of the times we can’t calculate their growth! So if we buy clothes beforehand, very often, when the time comes, they are either too small or too big. Keep the money and use them to buy your children clothes when the right time comes!

10) Sales are not only for clothing and shoes

Baring that in mind, you can buy stuff for your home, domestics and books!!!!

I hope you find my tips useful!! Enjoy your purchases!!!

Love Helena!!!


Going shopping with Helena

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine, F. asked me to go shopping with her and give her my advice and my opinion on what to buy.

She wanted to buy some clothes from the fall-winter 2015-16 collections in order to wear them at work and sometimes afterwards.

She tried on different combinations of clothes and accessories and we ended up in the following. They are all clothes from the Greek firm Toi&moi which you can find on line, if you live abroad or in selected stores if you live in Greece.

Our first choice was a blue jumpsuit, which fitted perfectly on our friend’s tall and lean figure. It is the ideal workwear. You can either wear it with a blazer when it gets chillier or with a coat in the winter. You can wear it with high heels, with flats, with pumps or with ankle boots and look amazing.


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