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Helena’s Boudoir reports from New York Fashion Week September 2016

new york city photoA fashion week is a fashion industry event, which lasts for a week and allows fashion designers, brands or “houses” to display their latest collections in runway shows and buyers and the media to take a look at the latest trends. Most importantly, these events let the industry know what’s “in” and what’s “out” for the season.

September is a fashion week full month. New York fashion week is the first one and started on September 7th and lasted until September 14th 2016. During NYFW we saw all the new collections and fashion trends for SS2017! For those of you who follow my facebook page, there was a day by day, designer by designer and city by city report!

The Runways

Although many brands experimented with a “see-now-buy-now” format this season – Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Thakoon and Tommy Hilfiger being among them – the vast majority still did thing the old fashioned way, presenting their SS 2017 collections.

We watched the runway shows form Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander Wang, Coach, Tom Ford, Zac Posen, Narciso Rodriguez, Tory Burch, Desigual, Lacoste, DKNY, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Escada, Custo Barcelona, Kate Spade, Jenny Packham (the favourite designers of the Duchess of Cambridge), Diane von Fustenberg, Marc Jacobs and many others.

Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue show us the best runway looks.

Street style

When it comes to fashion week, designers might be showing off the latest looks for spring 2017 on the runways, but there are plenty of notable fashion moments happening on the streets where the buyers, the bloggers and the celebrities attending the shows present all the must see styles themselves. This is what we call “street style” and it is as important as the runway shows.

Vogue’s photographer Phil Oh’ is a master on capturing all the street styles, so why don’t you have a look at his photos and be inspired for your next look?

The street style of the celebrities attending the shows is also worth looking. Victoria Beckham’s looks are among the best!

The new fashion trends for SS2017

Although fashion weeks are still on the go with London Fashion Week starting on September 16th, the new trends for the spring of 2017 are already here making us eager to wear super colourful stripes, garden florals, bra tops, all shades of blue, rock and punk, button downs, neon fabrics, ruffles, straps and cool khakis!!!!!

Stylecaster and Harper’s Bazaar show us all the new trends!

The new beauty trends

Marie Claire and Vogue guide us through the new beauty trends for hair and makeup for the SS2017!!

The new accessories

Fashion weeks are not only about clothes but also about accessories, that is shoes, bags and jewelery!! Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue show us the ones that stood out most!!

 Photo New York City by Andrés Nieto Porras, license CC-BY-SA

10 Tips to Shopping during Sales

20150817_182513Sales are under way so I decided to give you some useful tips on how to make the most of them!

1) Make a list

Before hitting the stores or the web we should make a list of what we really need to buy in order to avoid spending on useless things!

2) Shop on a budget

Yes we have to!!! Always shop on a budget and be very careful on how much you charge your credit cards!

3) Do research

Before going to the stores or buying anything on line, you must do some research, compare the prices and look for the best bargain!

4) Don’t get too carried away by ‘… up to 70%’

Although a high sales percentage is very tempting, be careful girls and don’t get too carried away. Do not buy stuff you don’t need just because they are very very cheap. That’s why a list is necessary

(see tip no 1).

5) Always buy your size

Yeap…. Do not buy clothes a size smaller, having in mind to lose weight to fit in it!! 99% it never happens!! Try a smaller size after you have lost weight! Similar rule with the shoes. Never buy shoes that are very tight thinking they are going to get wider. That also almost never happens!!20150822_123117

6) Invest on high quality products

Take advantage of the sales to purchase a high quality piece of clothing to wear next summer as well! That my friends is an investment. You can also buy a pair of quality leather pumps or sandals and some high quality lingerie!!!

7) Buy designer pieces

If you can afford them (see tip no 2) now is your chance to buy some designer clothes or accessories. Be careful to purchase them in the designers’ boutiques to avoid fakes!

8) Check for flaws

Always make a thorough search for flaws before paying! If you find any flaw and they don’t have another piece in your size, just don’t buy it!

9) Avoid buying clothes for next summer for your kids

Kids grow remarkably quickly and most of the times we can’t calculate their growth! So if we buy clothes beforehand, very often, when the time comes, they are either too small or too big. Keep the money and use them to buy your children clothes when the right time comes!

10) Sales are not only for clothing and shoes

Baring that in mind, you can buy stuff for your home, domestics and books!!!!

I hope you find my tips useful!! Enjoy your purchases!!!

Love Helena!!!


Helena’s Boudoir and Look by Tsavas present Les Pièces Uniques, summer’s trendiest sunglasses!!!

Helena in trendy sunglasses


Summer is definitely on and it’s about time for a brand new pair of sunglasses, because our eyes need protection just as our skin!

So today I’m going to show you sunglasses, but not common sunglasses but “unique” ones, Les Pièces Uniques, as their name suggests!

Helena in trendy sunglasses

Super Mario

Les Pièces Uniques is eyewear handmade in Milan, Italy, the capital of italian fashion, by the company Les Pièces Unique, which counts almost 30 years in the eyewear industry.

Helena in trendy sunglasses


Their distributor in Greece is Look by Tsavas and you can find them exclusively in optician stores all over the country.

Helena in trendy sunglasses


In the sun collection of Les Pièces Uniques there are sunglasses that can satisfy even the most demanding customer. Either modern or classic, always very trendy, in a huge variety of frames, designs and colours they make you want to buy them all. At least that was their effect on me. I found it extremely difficult to choose only some of the models for my photoshooting because I adored them all!!!!!

Helena in trendy sunglasses

Super Mario

Eyewear, either sunglasses or spectacles, is an accessory and it has to match the rest of our look. That is, such as we match and style our clothes with our shoes and our purse, we have to style our eyewear as well. That is one of the secrets of a stylish woman which I shared with you in a previous article: she always wears the right accessories and accessories include eyewear as well!! So it is about time to create your own eyewear collection!!!!

Helena in trendy sunglasses


Buying our sunglasses in an optician’s and nowhere else is also of great importance. An optician is the only person who can guarantee the quality of the sunglasses we buy and the degree they absorb the dangerous sun radiation. Damage to our eyes due to fake sunglasses may not show at once but that does not mean that it is not there. It is going to show in the future. So take great care of your eyes!!!!

Helena in trendy sunglasses


Helena in trendy sunglasses


Les Pièces Uniques are unisex sunglasses and both men and women can wear them. They offer you the opportunity to wear matching sunglasses with your significant other!!!

Helena in trendy sunglasses


I hope you like my choices! Why don’t you pay your nearest optician’s a visit and ask for these super trendy sunglasses by their name??? Les Pièces Uniques also have a spectacle line, that is frames, but these are going to be a future post, when the AW2016-17 collection will be available!

Helena in trendy sunglasses


Ending this article I want to thank the optician shop Optika Myzikos for providing the sunglasses for the photoshooting!!