Trend Alert 2017 – Leopard!

helena in leopard jacket and jeansLeopard is a timeless print that never goes out of style and always has a place in a woman’s closet. This winter it has made a powerful comeback and we see it almost everywhere. Many women though are afraid to wear anything leopard because they do not know how to style it. And they are right because a bad styling could make our outfit look cheap and allow me to say, a little slutty…

Personally I like leopard a lot so today I am going to show you a number of stylish ways to wear this new winter 2017 trend in an elegant and stylish way!

1) Leopard accessories

If you do not want to wear a leopard piece of clothing there are always the leopard accessories. You can hold a leopard bag or wear a pair of leopard pumps. But not all together. Either the bag or the shoes, not both of them. Choose the one or the other.

In my first outfit I hold a leopard bag that makes the difference on a classic black and white outfit. Wear an outfit like that to work or for an evening out.helena in black leggings white shirt black jacket

In the next two outfits it’s all about the leopard pumps. Either with a neutral outfit like in the first photo or with a pair of jeans such as in the second photo, the pumps are the standout element of these quite simple everyday outfits.Camel coat outfit 2 Camel coat outfit 3

2) Leopard skirt

I go for a leopard skirt instead of a trousers and I would never ever put leopard leggings on. A skirt is much more elegant!

In the first picture I styled it with a white blouse and a camel coat for a morning outfit. Instead of a blouse you can also wear a white knit sweater. If it is hot, instead of a coat you can wear a blazer or a trench coat in a neutral colour.Camel coat outfit 8

In the second picture, the same skirt is styled with a black blouse and it is a very elegant outfit for a night out, either in the winter together with a black overcoat or in the summer. As you can see colours make all the difference between a day and a night outfit. Style your leopard skirt with white during the day and with black for a night out.helena in leopard skirt

3) Leopard blouse or shirt

A blouse or a shirt goes with a skirt or a pair of trousers in one of its colours. Here I styled it with black trousers.

In the first photo the leopard blouse goes with a classic black trousers and a camel coat for a morning outfit.helena in leopard details in the park

In the second photo, the same blouse is styled with a pair of black leather leggings and a black blazer for going out at night. So as you can see here, it is not only the colour of the overcoat but also the fabric of the trousers, cotton in the morning – leather at night, that make the difference between a day and a night styling.helena in black leggings black top black jacket

4) Leopard overcoat

For those of you who dare buy a leopard overcoat, either a coat or a fur or a blazer, I have two styling ways to suggest.

For an elegant day look wear your leopard overcoat over a pair of jeans and a plain white shirt or t-shirt.helena in leopard jacket and jeans

For a night out wear your leopard overcoat over a total black outfit and make the difference!helena in leopard jacket and black outfit

5) Leopard dress

And there is also the choice of a dress. I chose a grey leopard dress and I styled it with a black leather biker jacket for a fresh morning outfit. It is a skater dress so you can’t wear it for a night out. You can choose a bodycon dress instead and style it with black overcoat and accessories.helena in grey leopard dress

As you can see it is not so difficult to wear leopard. In fact it is quite easy if you know the way. I hope my photos inspire you to make your own leopard outfits and look elegant and stylish not only during the day but also when you go out at night!!


2 thoughts on “Trend Alert 2017 – Leopard!

  1. Το τζιν + λευκό πουλοβεράκι τα σπάει αλλά και η φούστα είναι τόσο κομψή!!!! τέλειες επιλογές Έλενα !!

    • Ευχαριστώ πολύ Φωτεινή μου! Κι εσύ είσαι πάντα κομψή! Φιλάκια!

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